Why eight percent of Realtors get 80 percent of the sales ask best real estate training california

Why 8 percent of Realtors get 80 percent of the salesIsn’t it amazing how often you express interest in a product or service, but never hear from the person or company again? It happens all the time. Research shows that only 20 percent of sales leads are ever followed up! In other words: 80 percent of potential opportunities are lost simply due to follow up.  The best real estate training california realtors understand these numbers and how you can leverage them to your advantage.

Another interesting stat: Only two percent of sales occur after meeting the first time. And 80 percent of sales occur only after at least five continuous follow-ups. Therefore you must follow up at least five times.

What is effective selling the best real estate training california?

There are no “born salespeople.” You don’t see news headlines announcing the birth of a salesman, attorney or artist. Birth is given to males and females; every talent acquired after that is determined by the choices they make and the skills they practice.

Sales skills are life skills. Many people would never view themselves as a salesperson. However, there isn’t a single area of your personal or professional life that cannot benefit from sales skills. Teachers, preachers, police officers, and salespeople use sales skills every day!

Having better conversion strategies can boost your business dramatically for little or no extra cost.

What is the point in generating more leads if your existing conversion process results in most of your hard won inquiries falling through the cracks?

Too many real estate agents are generating all the leads and prospects they need… but are losing up to 95 percent of their sales opportunities and pouring thousands of dollars down the drain.

In most circumstances you may not actually need additional leads or prospects at all. Instead, you need better strategies for converting a larger portions of your prospects into customers.

Some real estate professionals have increased their conversion rate more than ten-fold and at the same time dramatically reduced their cost of advertising and marketing.

The best real estate training California suggests these examples to get started.

Let me give you a few ideas that can help you convert more often:

1. Measure your conversion rate.

If you get one listing out of 10 listing appointments, how about polishing your presentation? What about putting together a better listing package and/or résumé? What if you did these few things to get better and discovered that you are converting two out of 10? You now have doubled your conversion rate.

What about your buyers? How many buyers are you converting into closed escrows? How many buyers does it take to close one? You get the idea don’t you?

It is not uncommon for an agent to increase his or her sales level by 20 percent just by focusing on refining the conversion target.

2. Qualify leads better up front.

Time wasted on unqualified leads is the number one factor that can affect your sales success, because not everyone is ready to immediately list their home for sale, or buy a new one. You can be busy all day talking to people, but you won’t make sales unless you concentrate on qualified prospects, rather than offering your expertise to people who are not ready or can not afford to buy or sell. You qualify your leads by asking very specific questions such as: “When do you see yourself moving?” or “When would you like to be in your new home?”.

3. Fish where the big fish are.

Even if you have the best fishing equipment, you will leave empty handed if there are no fish in the lake. But if you just have a simple net, and the lake is full of fish, your chances of a catch are much greater. Where you cast your line is crucial to catching fish, and the same is true in real estate. Successful agents fish where the big fish are. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people who are not in the game when there are customers out there who already know they need your service.

4. Offer packaged information.

Something the best real estate training california don’t teach – the right offer can increase your response up to 300 percent, yet few real estate agents ever go beyond a token effort of making some sort of offer. Most people assume that their buyers and sellers already know it all, or aren’t interested in reading a lot of content. In truth, your prospects crave as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision.

By packaging your expertise into a résumé, professional listing package, buyers’ presentation, market report, or tri-fold brochure and offering it as an inducement to get prospects to contact you or work with you, you will be meeting people who are more interested in making a purchase or selling decision. Having interested contacts increases the probability that you’ll have new clients soon.

5. Show the chain; sell the first link.

No one buys a chain link by link. People either buy the whole chain or they don’t. It is the same with the converting business. If you show your client every step involved in a sale or listing and your client agrees to the first step, you have sold the whole chain… unless you break it. You show the chain, make it clear how the phases in the sale or listing are linked and then sell the first link… which is attached to the last link. Sell the first link and you sell the chain.

To successfully convert potential clients into today’s clients, you must first get to the essence of your customer’s housing problems, issues or needs. You must understand all of your customers concerns, desires, fears, and limitations. Do not prescribe a solution until you diagnose their need. You cannot turn your customer’s need into a want until you know how to put value on your customers desired state. Just as you peel and onion layer by layer, so, too, you help your customer get to the heart of the matter. You ask, dig deeper, diagnose, and listen to understand… then prescribe the solution and win the sale. You are not a real estate seller person, you are a real estate therapist!

6. Practice better presentation skills.

Great speakers have some qualities in common: they have inner fire, they speak with authority, they connect with the audience through storytelling, they use their voices well and they know how to prevent fear from overpowering them. They also know that what you say represents just seven percent of the communication experience, whereas how you say it has five times more impact… and your body language represents 55 percent of the total impact of your presentation.

Research also shows from the best real estate training california that people retain 20 percent of what they see, 20 percent of what they hear, and 50 percent of what they see and hear together. The use of visual aids can have a massive impact, and will allow you to get through more information in a shorter period of time.

7. Refine your telephone skills.

Most agents don’t put the time or effort into smiling when they dial and getting good at providing quick and concise information on the phone. You only have about 15 seconds to get someone’s attention on the phone. Make those 15 seconds count. If you mismanage your telephone efforts, you waste opportunities, throw a fortune down the drain and jeopardize relationships with your best prospects and customers. Yet you can enhance your telephone skills and produce a much more desirous result for your business.

These are just a few ideas that can help you become better at lead conversion.  Stay tuned to the best real estate training california to find out more tips.

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