What we love about real estate

Paul GonzalesPAUL GONZALES, Branch Manager for Troop Real Estate, Inc. of Santa Clarita

“In most of my corporate life I had a ceiling of income that I could aspire to achieving. In real estate, my income level was truly based upon my hard work and effort. Although not easy to acquire a large income, it is very realistic to look at 250+ K annually. That was my sweet spot. Time vs. Money is always the challenge.”

Paul’s Advice: “Think of being a REALTOR as a franchise business opportunity. You will need to invest money and time into your endeavor. It will pay off two-fold if you stay focused on the prize and work and grow your business.”

Jonathan GlynnJONATHAN E. GLYNN, REALTOR with Troop Real Estate, Inc. of Oxnard

“I love being on the ‘inside’ of the California real estate game! Being a REALTOR is such a financial advantage in life, to be a part of a system of evaluating homes for myself and others.”

Jonathan’s Advice: “Sign Up Now! When you get where I am, you will wish you had started sooner!”

Gayle CaugheyGAYLE CAUGHEY, Branch Manager for Troop Real Estate, Inc. of Westlake Village

“I love real estate as a career because it is never boring; every day’s schedule is different, laws are always changing, clients are varied and interesting, there is a great sense of satisfaction in sucessfully seeing clients reach their goals, and I appreciate the opportunity to work around other REALTORS (who are a very stimulating lot!).”

Gayle’s Advice: “Educate yourself constantly. Have a well-developed sense of self-esteem, be part of your community and be an investigator. Ask ‘Why?’. Ask ‘Why not?’.”

Richard and Sandy RutterSANDY RUTTER, REALTOR with Troop Real Estate, Inc. of Channel Islands

“What I love about being a REALTOR is the freedom it allows me, and the respect of my clients!”


Frederick TazartesFRED TAZARTES, Mentor for Troop Real Estate, Inc. of Santa Clarita

“Being a REALTOR gave me the ability to schedule my time so that I can spend time with my kids and be involved with their school, activities and also community events. I enjoy the fact that I am helping clients with their biggest financial transaction, and building lifelong relationships. Being a REALTOR also gives me the ability to earn as much as I am willing to work for.”

Fred’s Advice: “Find someone who can mentor you and help you and guide you to avoid the mistakes they made in the beginning. Remember you are the CEO of your own business, and at the end of each day look at what you accomplished and answer the question: would I hire or fire myself?”

Gaby EspinozaGABY ESPINOZA, REALTOR with Troop Real Estate, Inc. of Camarillo

“I love the way Real Estate brings you into people’s lives.”

Gaby’s Advice: “In my experience, I find people that keep their full time jobs while getting started are more successful because they don’t have the stress about worrying about money. In real estate you will need money to start your real estate career to pay your dues, marketing, real estate materials, etc.”

Debra KesslerDEBRA KESSLER, Mentor for Troop Real Estate, Inc. of Simi Valley

“I enjoy helping people buy and sell their homes. It is a very important endeavor, and there is always some form of excitement involved. My observation is, as REALTORS we should maintain a certain level of civic-mindedness and education if we are to represent others in handling their real estate affairs. I believe we must set a good example for our families, friends, and clients. I love that I can build an outstanding reputation by performing helpful deeds in the community and by providing great service to our clients. Also, I love that there is no monetary ceiling. I love the flexibility. I am my own boss, and the buck stops here.”

Debra’s Advice:  “Be sure there is nothing holding you back. You must be 100% in it to win it. There are plenty of hidden road blocks so you must destroy or rearrange any obvious obstacles prior to beginning. Also, have enough money on hand to live on for 4 to 6 months, minimum.”

Scott UrquhartSCOTT URQUHART, Broker Associate with Troop Real Estate, Inc. of Camarillo

Scott’s Advice: “If you want a raise, all you have to do is ask the person in the mirror.”