What a Realtor does for clients

What a Realtor does for clients

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

When a person is asked what a Realtor® does for a living, the most common answer is that a Realtor sells houses. While that is technically true, it is a common misconception that a real estate salesperson’s end goal is to sell real estate.

A Realtor has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for their client. Not to sell the buyer a house, not to sell a home owner’s house, but to actively listen to their client’s needs, assess their situation, and actively work for the client to help them achieve the end result they desire in the real estate transaction.

Here are common misconceptions about working with a licensed, certified Realtor. Are you guilty of believing some of these?

  • Realtors are after a quick profit.
    • A Realtor exclusively represents their client. In instances where their opinion is sought, or where Realtors® believe that comment is necessary, their opinion is offered in an objective, professional manner, uninfluenced by any personal motivation or potential advantage or gain. In order for a California Real Estate Salesperson to claim they are a certified REALTOR®, they must agree to abide by the National Association of Realtor’s ethical guidelines, which are typically higher than those mandated by law. The National and State Associations of Realtors work diligently to educate and govern Realtors to uphold the highest standard of professionalism in the real estate industry nationwide.
  • A Realtor shows houses and puts listings on their Multiple Listing Service, and doesn’t do much more than that.
    • A Realtor® earns his or her living by dedicating their time to serving their buyers and sellers throughout every stage of a real estate transaction. A comprehensive list of 184 tasks agents do for clients has been posted by the Ohio Association of Realtors here. It is a great assessment of the day to day responsibilities a Realtor takes on for the client.
  • All the Realtor cares about is the transaction. Once the house is sold, they move on.
    • At Troop Real Estate, Inc., our real estate professionals build their businesses by referral. Our philosophy is that lives are enriched through the relationships our agents cultivate with their clients. It is common for past clients to become life-long friends. We believe that real estate is a lifestyle, not just a career, and we are passionate about providing the highest level of professional service to ensure referrals are procured through a satisfactory experience.

Ask any real estate professional who is passionate about what they do for a living, and you’ll find a person with a big heart who lives by strong moral philosophy.

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