Coach Ron Interviews Brian Troop: About real estate and what it takes to be a success in all areas of life.

  Subscribe to Podcast on your Apple or Samsung device   Listen in as “Coach” Ron  interviews Brian Troop. Spontaneous, un-rehearsed and candid. The Independent Difference.  Brian’s real estate career journey started at age 19. He didn’t have any real desire or plan to become a top producer. One year later Brian got “the […]

How to take the high road as a Realtor

Taking the high road: How to steer clear of “Haters” in your real estate career

It’s sad but true: you didn’t leave Haters behind the day you graduated high school. As Realtors, we run into those people often and even more than ever before with comments, podcasts, tweets and posts taking prevalence in the way we communicate with our people. Every time we step outside […]