Troop Real Estate, Inc. Welcomes 23 Realtors to the Company

CEO Brian Troop, President Laura Lee Anthony, COO Debbie McCarthy and Troop Real Estate, Inc.’s 11 branch managers have welcomed many agents to the brokerage so far this year. With 130 new agents during the 2015 year, Troop Real Estate, Inc. would like to acknowledge the following 23 real estate […]

Agents join Troop Real Estate, Inc.

Prepare for your state exam with these test taking tips!

Taking the real estate exam soon? Check out Rockwell’s studying and test-taking tips! We cover everything from reducing test anxiety and staying motivated to eating well on exam day. Read on…and good luck! Test-Taking Tip: Visualizing Exam Success The Fidget Widget: Work in Some Moves to Help Your Studies ExamPrep: Tips […]

Want to Ace the Exam? Explain Yourself!

You’ve studied the course material, taken the practice exams, and jotted down the crucial formulas that must be memorized. And yet, somehow, you still don’t feel confident about taking the exam. Why? Perhaps it’s because you’re aware that you don’t have a full grasp of some of the concepts underlying […]

The Fidget Widget: Work in Some Moves to Help Your Studies

Do you find yourself fidgeting when you try to study? Bouncing your leg, drumming your fingers, clicking a pen or, worse yet, fighting the urge to vacuum? If so, you may be what is called a kinesthetic learner. It’s widely accepted that there are three distinct learning types: visual, auditory, […]

What a Realtor does for clients

When a person is asked what a Realtor® does for a living, the most common answer is that a Realtor sells houses. While that is technically true, it is a common misconception that a real estate salesperson’s end goal is to sell real estate. A Realtor has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for their client. […]

What a Realtor does for clients

2015 Business Plan: The Answer to Living the Life You Love

Create your 2015 Business Plan2015_Business_Plan_Video

Trulia put out a fantastic 2015 business plan this month and it inspired us to share some tips with you as you prepare for a new life in real estate next year.

Download Business Plan

We believe all entrepreneurs should put time into your business plan, and real estate salespeople and broker associates are no exception. The simple act of writing down your ideas of how your real estate business should operate can be helpful to ensure that your vision and your reality are on the same page.

It also helps you communicate to your Branch Manager, staff and affiliates where you are headed and how they can help you get your business there. Your 2015 Business Plan is crucial because it shows your team you have clear thought out your ideas, and you aren’t just winging it.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for writing your business plan:
  1. Before you get lost in the details, outline a clear, big-picture road map for your business.
  2. Create your plan before you determine your budget.
  3. Ask your clients what their needs and expectations are and build your plan around that. Don’t assume you already know!
  4. Consider taking one calculated risk next year.
  5. Run your plan by your manager or mentor who can study it objectively and point out possible weaknesses and highlight your areas of strength.


10 Questions to Ask a Broker on an Interview become realtor – become realtor

Newly licensed agents who have not become realtor frequently ask me, “Is it easy to be hired once I get my license?”. When you’re wondering the same thing, read on.  You need to understand how recruiting works in the real estate industry. Real estate brokerages are always looking for licensed salespeople and […]