Lara Marquess, millennial, of CENTURY 21® Union Realty in Los Angeles, shares how she got her start in real estate.

Lara Marquess, millennial,  of CENTURY 21® Union Realty in Los Angeles, shares how she got her start in real estate.


CENTURY 21: How did you get your start in real estate?

Lara: My initial plan was to teach. However, I realized I’d be doing students a disservice because my heart was just not in it. One day my neighbor walked over, pointed her finger at me, and told me I should be in real estate. She’s been in real estate since the 80s and she said that I’d be the perfect fit. I decided to get an internship with a successful real estate team and after my first week, I knew this was the career for me.

In this job, every day is different. You’ve got to have energy and drive and I just knew that I could thrive in this type of environment. After a few months of interning, I got my license and stayed with the team for a little while longer. I decided to go off on my own in January of 2017.


CENTURY 21: What led you to the CENTURY 21 Brand in particular?

Lara: They understand that real estate is a tough business. It’s not hard getting into real estate but it takes time and effort to become a good real estate agent. Century 21 Real Estate has systems in place to help their agents grow and succeed.


CENTURY 21: How has Century 21 Real Estate supported you during these early years of your career?

Lara: The first thing that comes to mind is the training. We have trainings where we tour homes and identify parts of a house. We also have bi-weekly meetings where we talk about 1031 exchanges, mortgage programs, and much more. We’re all independent contractors who are all going after the same deals, but we have each other’s back. If I ever need help or advice, an agent in my office is willing to take a break from what she’s doing and lend me a hand. We have such a great support system.


CENTURY 21: What would you say to millennials who consider this an “easy” profession to get into?

Lara: I’d say they’re right. Real estate is super easy to get into. You don’t have to go to college. All you have to do is pass some tests and then hang up your license somewhere. What’s difficult is generating business and becoming a good agent who provides great customer service—and to succeed at these you have to commit to doing these things every day… not just when you feel like it.


CENTURY 21: What is your favorite thing about your job?’’

Lara: The idea of what I can turn my business into. The possibilities are endless.


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