5 Ways to Let Gratitude Fuel Each Day real estate training

Five-ways-to-fuel-your-day-with-gratitudeIt’s very easy to focus on what’s going wrong in our real estate businesses and our personal lives. A real estate training school can focus your goals. If you haven’t yet, you will most likely experience the crazy agent on the other side of a transaction, the clients who won’t listen to sound advice, the family issues or financial stresses that just won’t leave us alone long enough to allow us to enjoy a peaceful day.

Complaints are the most common conversation topics around us. What we may not realize is that focusing on our worries and stresses can sabotage our potential to invite success and profit into our business and personal life.

That’s why the power of gratitude is talked about so often in business success seminars, how-to books, and training. When we feel the sense of gratitude, we are telling our minds that we have something to be grateful for. Starting your day knowing you already have something to be grateful for relieves you of the stress, anxiety and burden of attaining even more.

Here are five real estate training habits we can practice to let gratitude fuel our day, relieving our minds from the constrictive power of stress and opening ourselves to accomplish more throughout the day:

  1. Practice Gratitude before leaving your home each morning. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes each morning to reflect on one thing you have gratitude for before you walk out the door and face the world. If finding one thing was easy, find two more.
  2. Take Gratitude Breaks throughout the day. Set an alarm on your cell phone for every two hours or so to break away and remember one thing you are grateful for in your life. Even dedicating 60 seconds to get away from your work and bring gratitude into your thinking process will slow the heart rate, clear your mind and bring a smile to your face.
  3. Appreciate those who annoy you. Try to think of people who annoy you as opportunities to practice patience. Say a silent “Thank you” every time you are faced with a challenging person. With every challenge you come across, you can be reminded of your own strengths and qualities, and perhaps a character trait you have that could use a little refining, as well.
  4. Thank the supporters in your life every chance you get. The graphic designer who delivers quality work, the receptionist who shows up to help you and your colleagues, the lender who picked up the phone… there are many people in your life – both in business and personal – who are there for you in some way.
  5. Don’t forget to appreciate yourself, too! You’ve accomplished some tasks today that you didn’t necessarily want to do. Perhaps you made some follow up phone calls, showed houses, or invested in training. Be grateful that you had what it took to be a successful real estate professional today, and you delivered on your promise to make your goals a reality, one step at a time. Acknowledging and appreciating your own ability and commitment reminds you that you have what it takes to succeed.

Let’s face it – we are the biggest hurdle we need to overcome when we build a successful real estate business. Every time we take a moment to appreciate the good stuff, we attract even more of those good things into our lives.

Troop Real Estate associates are starting 2014 off with clear goals and an attitude check! A good attitude is the foundation of a strong business plan, so it’s important to take care of your perspective before you set about your daily tasks. So much more will be accomplished!

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