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Take time to find your balance 1

It is time again to check your Wheel of Life to determine if you are in balance. You can listen to CEO Brian Troop talk about finding happiness in his podcast, here. Take 5 minutes and print out your downloadable pdf. You can also copy and paste the following link: […]

CirclePix Star Marketing System Features Your Added Media!


Troop Real Estate agents are using today’s technology to market their listings through high tech companies that provide top level real estate marketing services, like CirclePix. Many agents are adding to the standard marketing, like hiring professional photographers and posting virtual tours, by adding property commercials, aerial photography and videography, and 3D Mapping.

One big problem that comes along with these new technology advances: Realtors have to publish their marketing to buyers manually! Getting their content on industry websites and social media isn’t enough without mad lead generation opportunities, lead capturing, and an information line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Leads slip away without consistent and timely communication, and listing changes result in you having to manually update every listing, on every site.

Troop Real Estate is pleased to let our agents know they don’t have to, thanks to CirclePix’s Star Marketing system. The investment of great new tech is not an inventment of 5 hours’ additional work. CirclePix is your go-to for tying together your listing info, images, videos, commercials, and 3D models into a neat little package- a Unique Property Site- which we then syndicate, update, and integrate with lead capture, 24-hour information services, and mass communication tools.

What a Realtor does for clients

When a person is asked what a Realtor® does for a living, the most common answer is that a Realtor sells houses. While that is technically true, it is a common misconception that a real estate salesperson’s end goal is to sell real estate. A Realtor has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for their client. […]

What a Realtor does for clients

2015 Business Plan: The Answer to Living the Life You Love

Create your 2015 Business Plan2015_Business_Plan_Video

Trulia put out a fantastic 2015 business plan this month and it inspired us to share some tips with you as you prepare for a new life in real estate next year.

Download Business Plan

We believe all entrepreneurs should put time into your business plan, and real estate salespeople and broker associates are no exception. The simple act of writing down your ideas of how your real estate business should operate can be helpful to ensure that your vision and your reality are on the same page.

It also helps you communicate to your Branch Manager, staff and affiliates where you are headed and how they can help you get your business there. Your 2015 Business Plan is crucial because it shows your team you have clear thought out your ideas, and you aren’t just winging it.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for writing your business plan:
  1. Before you get lost in the details, outline a clear, big-picture road map for your business.
  2. Create your plan before you determine your budget.
  3. Ask your clients what their needs and expectations are and build your plan around that. Don’t assume you already know!
  4. Consider taking one calculated risk next year.
  5. Run your plan by your manager or mentor who can study it objectively and point out possible weaknesses and highlight your areas of strength.


One Small Step Can Change Your Life – THE KAIZEN WAY

Last year our Ventura, Oxnard and Channel Islands branch manager, Kathy Courter, introduced me to this gem of a book, “One Small Step Can Change Your Life – The Kaizen Way,” by Robert Maurer, Ph.D. Kathy realized the potential this book had to unlock real estate agents’ white-knuckled grips on […]

The Kaizen Way