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5 Ways Real Estate Agents Optimize Yelp and Google Reviews

What your clients say about you can be more valuable than any sales pitch and more damaging than any tornado. Even the real estate school ventura county needs to optimize. When you have lots of positive ones, prospective clients are more inclined to choose you over your competitors according to recent data.

A company focused on figuring out the motivations and buying behaviors of local consumers recently conducted a survey that reveals that 40% of online consumers read three or fewer online reviews before forming an opinion about the company. That is more than a 10% increase from last year.

Bad Reviews Can Kill Your Business

But what if you are the victim of one of those negative Yelp barrages by some person who has never even used your services before? It happens but less often for real estate agents. Typically if your reviews are negative it is because you have an unhappy client whether you did a good job or not.
So how do Yelp and Google reviews help your real estate business? Here are 5 ways that they can as well as recommendations for how to optimize and increase your Yelp and Google reviews.

#1: Grow Trust (see real estate school ventura county)

Generally, when a relative or friend give a recommendation for a business to you, you are more apt to refer to them than from some ad on a website. Yelp and Google reviews are in likeness to multiple referrals or warnings from complete strangers.

Yet the study from brightlocal shows that when consumers see a high star rating on a website, they immediately start to build trust and liking in your company. Here are some of their findings:

#2: Get a jump ahead of the Competition

Each year the numbers relating to consumer behavior keep getting larger and larger as consistent growth on trade happens online. As a real estate agent, your website is your pipeline to new leads regardless of area boundaries or location.  Learn more about marketing from real estate school ventura county provided by Troop University.

When you are prepared for online searchers with a scad of positive reviews you give yourself a jump ahead on the competition. One specific area that you may not have thought about is your mobile website.

More and more people are using mobile devices to search for everything from sunglasses to real estate agents. The number of people who look online to find local businesses has more than doubled over the course of the last five years.

#3: Credible as Personal Referrals

Although, fewer people give online reviews more weight than their personal referrals but that number is still at least 80% of online consumers; was 84% last year. If someone looking for a real estate agent selling properties in their desired neighborhood with their specific preferences, they are likely to use that business if they see a lot of positive reviews for that agent.
Secondly, consumers are making their decisions about the business based on reviews fast. Most people never look beyond the 10th review. All numbers in the survey went up between 2014 and 2015 except for the number of people who read past the 10th review; 12% in 2015 down from 16% in 2014.

  • The majority of those surveyed (88%) read up to 10 reviews before forming their opinion; up 4% from 2014.
  • Nearly three quarters of respondents read up to 6 reviews before forming their opinion; up 9%.
  • Reviews for a real estate school ventura county grow each year
  • Only 40% read three or fewer reviews before forming an opinion; the biggest increase from 2014 up 11%.

Even though the number of consumers who were inclined to go with a business after only three reviews was the fewest in the survey results, that increase has been steady over the last few years. That means opinions are forming faster so your positive reviews need to be at the top of the list.

#4: Encompass a Large Cross Segment

Someone traveling to California for a family vacation may stumble across your website when looking for hotels. Their dream of owning a home there leads them to click on the names of local agents.   Agents trained from real estate school ventura county understand how to assist these clients.  The real estate agent with the highest number of positive reviews has the best chance of capturing that business.

When you have a thriving list of Yelp and Google reviews, your site has the best chance of being discovered. On the other hand, there is no need to leave it to chance. Your past clients are significant sources for reviews. Make sure you are using recent reviews and you are providing authentic and organic ones. Here are some statistics on fake reviews.

  • Consumers typically judge the authenticity of reviews before making a final judgment.
  • Positive reviews influence nearly 70% of consumers to trust a business, though that number is down by 4% from last year.
  • Just over 20% of consumers say that they read reviews but do not let them influence their buying habits.

Now more than ever people are shopping online and using consumer reviews to judge how good the business is.  Like the best real estate school ventura county has to offer competition is stiff.  That number has grown 4% over the last year to over 90%. Being able to highlight your positive reviews without cheating the game with fake ones will give you a clear advantage in today’s real estate market.

#5: Keep Your Business Relevant

Consumers trust recent reviews more than outdated ones. If people are frequently reviewing your real estate business, your business stays relevant and showing up in search results

  • Typically, reviews older than a month are considered outdated
  • The oldest review that consumers consider needs to have been posted within the last six months.
  • High percentage of consumers read online reviews before going with a business (92%).
  • The more reviews the better; quantity of positive reviews are 2nd most important to consumers.


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