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Instagram has followed Snapchat’s lead in providing a separate feed dedicated to showcasing a user’s activities within the past 24 hours. Stories provides a time-sensitive “day in the life” overview of a single user’s postings by offering an in-the-moment view that makes followers feel like part of the action.  We use Instagram to advertise the best real estate school ventura county has to offer. While this may be a problem for Snapchat, it’s great for real estate agents. Now you can target followers with two very different content approaches all within one network.

Read on to learn what you can do with Instagram Stories.

Highlight Your Listings Like real estate school ventura county

From sneak peeks to virtual tours — Instagram Stories gives clients a new way to look at listings. First, it allows agents to link all of their photos together to display as one cohesive stream to promote listings and events.  For the best real estate school ventura county we show pictures of home sales and satisfied agents.  Its video capability also allows agents to share brief virtual tours to help followers get a glimpse of the bigger picture. No matter which visual approach you choose, Stories offers the option to draw on the photos or place markers so that you can highlight all your favorite features of the home.


Share the Spotlight

Instagram Stories boasts native features that help users enhance the content they share — a couple in particular, are very beneficial for agents:

  1. Stickers: Customizable sticker options allow agents to add context about the location, weather, or time. The location feature, in particular, is useful because users can tap the sticker to learn more about the location — giving agents an opportunity to share important open house information or highlight local businesses in the community they serve.
  2. Mentions: Similar to locations, mentions allow agents to tag Instagram accounts in a story. This is another great way to interact and highlight local businesses or influential people in the area.If you host weekly happy hours, networking events, or any other gatherings on a consistent basis, consider promoting them with Instagram Stories.


Unique Content 

The first rule for any social media content is to ensure that it is providing value to the audience. Instagram Stories offers a unique way to do this.  We like use this content to promote real estate school ventura county websites like this site.  For example, DIY tutorials for new homeowners or sellers trying to make repairs can offer value followers will appreciate. Stories also provides a great opportunity to showcase the everyday life of an agent and their personality, which is crucial for developing (and retaining) connections.

As with any new feature, the best way to figure out what works for you is to experiment. Start by thinking of something you can create for each of the categories mentioned above and see where the stories take you.

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