3 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About the Market

3 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know



As an agent, you’ll most likely have clients who are dealing with the housing market for the first time. It’s your job to provide information and expertise to make them feel more secure about the home buying process. So what knowledge should you have on hand? Here are three important topics.





Average Pricing
One of the best ways to determine a neighborhood’s market is to find out the average price range. Review and study as many listings as you can, so you can explain why homes are listed at certain prices and easily pinpoint overpriced ones. Don’t just stick to the parts of town your clients want to look in — be prepared with knowledge of neighboring areas in case they change their minds or want to explore more options. Your well-rounded knowledge can help you guide your clients towards a house that fits their needs and their price ranges.

School System
The quality of the area’s school system is important whether or not your clients have children. Clients starting a family may be more willing to pay extra for a home within a higher rated district. However, clients who do not have children may not feel the same way, so you can lead them toward more cost-effective areas. Wherever your clients’ education preferences may lie, check with the board of education in each neighborhood you’re looking in to find out their schools’ rankings.

Typically, clients prefer lower tax areas, though there are always exceptions to this rule. For example, if a neighborhood is up and coming, it may increase taxes in order to fund the construction of new schools and roads. Depending on your clients’ preferences and lifestyle, this type of neighborhood might be a good investment. Call the tax assessor in the area to get more information on taxes, and make sure to have this research ready when you’re discussing options with your client.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. These three topics are just the starting point of the information you can provide to your clients. Have an open conversation with them to see what else they value in a home, and do your research for them!



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